Look up and see creation floating...

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Author Spackal
Tags author:spackal jumper. puzzle-ish unrated welp
Created 2017-06-25
Last Modified 2017-06-25
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Description "... far above the clouds. Look up and see a heaven boasting life, full and loud."

I've been waiting to upload this map as I created it on a mac in v2, where the bouncepads don't correctly transfer from v2 level data to v1.4 level data. Now that I'm using a laptop with a numberpad, I can actually edit in 1.4; yay!

Hopefully it works, I tried testing it in 1.4 but I suck so I'm just throwing this out there as is.


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did you try Same thing happens to me with but wickedosity works just fine in that sense. Wickedosity doesn't always work either for some stupid reason, sometimes with certain maps it will change all the objects but when it does work it works perfectly fine regardless of the objects used. I'll try this level later on Nv2.

Okay, fine

this one's respectable at least. Pretty nice map! I love the look & atmosphere & trapdoors. A few bits were a bit tetchy; wasn't a big fan of putting stuff so close to the mines, but that's personal preference. Nice nice.
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probably maxed
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