Fantasma Vaga

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Author fingersonthefrets
Tags 501 author:fingersonthefrets thisishowyousmile unrated
Created 2019-03-24
Last Modified 2019-03-25
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Anyone listening to the new Helado Negro album? It might be my fav new album this year

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sooooooo interesting. i'm finding the rocket too tough to manage, but there's a lot packed in here. i feel like i'm missing things, and i really enjoy that feeling. nice work!

oh my goodness

the bottom left is soooo much fun
when I get home, I keep opening up NUMA and seeing the thumbnail for this map and just thinking “holy shit this is gorgeous”


close-quarters rocket too much for me. glitches are fun though, and there are still innovations even to this day. i've got one i've been sitting on for a few years now and this is the motivation i need to get it finished.
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Made a slight edit which broke previous demo.

Yeah! Glitches have defs had a fall off as the communities gotten less active. Lots of potential in em.
Ooh yeah, featured map's pretty in a similar vein hey?

Was referring to a bit as a starting point


I miss the glitches people used to use to make these maps fun. Really emulates the current featured map too. Nice job!


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AGD-13 ;)

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