Lighthouse D'amour

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Author Spackal
Tags action author:spackal lighthouse unrated v2.0
Created 2019-04-23
Last Modified 2019-04-23
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Map Data

Description "Why is it floating?"
"Love. Love is why it's floating"

Another port from v2 to 1.4 (actually to ++ as well)

Hope it's enjoyable!

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why am i sinking?

neat little map

pretty simple but i like the structure of it.


Demo Data
that's a map that for the longest time I've wanted to emulate; was certainly one of the subconscious inspirations behind this

this reminds me

of this Riobe feature []
great use of space in this, although the maps are similar they both feel like they utilized space in different ways.


I liked the tiles and overall feel of it. Jumping onto the lighthouse land initially felt a bit awkward - not being able to make a clean leap. And the return to the exit from exit key felt a bit like an afterthought.

But other than those two points I really enjoyed it. Mines have a lot of personality, gold is well placed, bounce blocks are really enjoyable to navigate, especially in the gauss area.
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