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Author anco
Tags action author:anco skypanda unrated
Created 2019-06-04
Last Modified 2019-06-04
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Description 10mm

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Bad enemy choices.

Bit faster

Yeah I really really like it. Drone pressure remained a bit much for me, but it might get too sparse with one zap removed so.. who knows. Also, mentioning skypanda on discord the other day got me playing through a bunch of their map, was super fun haha, so thanks for that.
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Super cool! Can feel the skypanda influence but doesn't feel outside of your own style either. I found the drone pressure a little much than i'd've liked in previous runs, in this one I managed to trigger the seeker in a way that didn't bring it back towards the same area later. I might've preferred one seeker one reg, but maybe with more play throughs i'd get used to it. Big boxes of gold worked really well, asking you to jump carefully to pick up the lot. Visually, the mix between the boxiness of gold and mines (and even drone path) and the more gestural tiles was great too.
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