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Author stepself
Tags action all-gold author:stepself bitesized jump-pads playable rated seeker-drones
Created 2006-01-25
Last Modified 2007-06-24
by 17 people.
Map Data

Description Level 07-0. All-gold is the objective. You can still complete the level if you fall out of the center, if you want. Just try to avoid the jump pads.

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Wow again 123

Very nice map, 4.5/5
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I agree...123

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I got 123 as well.
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one frame faster :)
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I'd say so
Nice to see you back stepself!
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Same as evil_bob.
I think 124 is the limit.

Great map.
Super great.
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Fun, 4, demo.
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Yes, the launch pad concept was marvelous. Amazing. Spectacular. I can think of a lot of words to put here, but in other words, one one my favorite maps of yours.

As atob said...

The launchpad mechanic is absolutely brilliant. Beautifully clean and simple.


was fun.

Fast All Gold:
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All-gold demo

Got a little close at the end there...
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Speed demo.

Very Cool Concept. Like it alot.
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Some gold.

Simple and fun. The launch pad traps are a brilliant device.
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It gives you the basic idea. Have fun
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