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Author Lucidium
Tags action author:lucidium bitesized playable rated v1.3c
Created 2004-12-27
by 36 people.
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Description You've only got four switches to get, and there's plenty of gold if you want it. But those two rocket launchers won't stop bugging you, and those drones keep getting in the way.

I've spent a fair while playing with this, and I think it's turned out pretty good. The exit switch is a little tight, but apart from that I've tried to keep things as open as possible. Hope you have fun!

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Another great map with true visual appeal! Nice job Lucidium!
It was pretty challenging too!!
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Yes, I like this map, sorry for being a bitch on the others. But it sorta looked so generic.

Great stuff on this though 4/5.

Its not as fun as i thought it would be, otherwise a 5/5 would have been given.

Keep up the great work :)


i'm in awe dude; everything that's been said, repeat it!


lucidium, that was really impresive, the map and the demo, just genious layout all around... awsome awsome work.

Oh... my...

Lucidium, that is one of the greatest demos I have ever seen for a map. I really thought that all gold was out of the question, but you proved me wrong. Congratulations.
here's a quick all-gold demo.
Maybe it shows just how much I playtested this map :D.
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so so so close
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very very nice level, but hard, im close to doing it, i've got closer than i have in this demo but the demo is quite nice (incomplete though). i'll have a complete demo soon
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but I can tell it's a good level


great level... very hard and very frusterating though. I could do all the individual feats required for each switch... but I could not string them together... but very nice. I give it 5 ninjas even though I didn't beat it.

I like it.

I love how you transformed your avatar into a lvl :P Good job, 4/5.

Great jorb...

I love the level, the tileset, the difficulty, everything. That exit switch thing was from 45-3 Manimal Lust, I believe. Anyway, here's a completion demo. It's nothing fancy, and I linger awhile on that launchpad, but it gets the job done.
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