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My ninja is allergic to gold.

Metanet forums username: DraxoBox
Skype: draxobox
Discord: Deluxe#3255
If you reply to something I said on one of your maps, please put the reply on one of my maps, otherwise I'm not likely to notice it.
I am a NGD guy. I play maps without collecting gold, if possible.
Most of my time is spent on Pokémon Showdown. [] My username is LinkCode. If you feel like having a Pokémon battle against me, send me a challenge!

My favorite maps to NGD:
Quantum Echo [] by Nexx []
Mechonis Fields [] by spudzalot [] and SkyRay []
Quick Sense [] by blue_rocks []
meet me in the lab~ [] by PALEMOON []
Running in the 90s [] by Mr_Mongoose []
seaweed [] by Yoke3000 []
Kiss Off [] by Sunset []
The Great Firewall [] by Yahoozy []
Back to your roots [] by Spackal []
XX-394-456b [] by DW40 []
Holes [] by Yoke3000 []

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