Mech Support

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Author spudzalot
Tags action author:spudzalot changing concept drones jumper play rated release small tileset transform
Created 2008-04-24
Last Modified 2008-04-24
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description Do not rate until you have played the enitre level. It has a really cool concept.

i hate naming maps...

anyway cant say im too proud of the tileset on this one. Some parts are really cool then other parts are like peuk. Im just submitting this because im going crazy trying to make it perfect, but that is obviously not working XD.

anyway hope you guys like this even though its a little to hard but i feel that i kept it at a good length.

now to finish my thwump level. RCE :)

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Nice ts

4.5 :D

You know

This is well made. I always check out your maps when I can, they often have a freshness this community lacks.

I think we are both starting a new style, i love this 4.5/5, well done.