Apokalupsis Eschaton

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Author spudzalot
Tags agd-challenge author:spudzalot commet featured flames fun medium mines oneways playable rated small
Created 2008-04-22
Last Modified 2008-04-22
by 23 people.
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Description (or in other words Apocalypse)


I actually like the play of this map. The way that you have to be slow and manuever through mines while at the same time dodge chainguns. (much funner then it sounds.) The look is meh but i still sort of like it. and sorry about the chaingun at the top (forcing you to take cover immediately), that was the only place i could put it for it to have any effect on you while inside the commets flames.

the fastest AGD by friday gets a dedication. good luck to you all. :)

see that small circle, yah thats earth. XD

This map was featured on 2013-03-16

A famous galactic psychic has foretold a spectacular end to an otherwise unremarkable planet in a nearby star system. You want to see it firsthand!

The cheapest way to get there: comet-hopping. Many comets orbit their stars in wide but predictable paths. By jumping from one to the next, using a carefully planned route, fuel consumption can be reduced twentyfold.

You won't find out until it's too late, but you know how that world ends? A head-on collision with a destabilized comet. That's thanks to the weight of your ship.

Who could have known? — RandomDigits

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All gold.
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Bet bhz, still improvable.
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Demo Data

Oh interesting, didn't expect this one. o:

Thanks for the feature.

slow agd

really interesting map, faved
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probably means you're finally right about something for once
agree with kiaora for once.

great review by RD though.

The idea is really cool, but the execution was just a bit too fiddly for my liking.


thank you Nexx for proofreading
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nice level

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weird name

this is bastardly

incredibly hard...but the tileset is amazing and the play is sick...i giv a 5!

my demo's not a completion, i got the key and then i fucked up and ended up milling around on the ground until i died.

pretty ironic
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great fun
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cool level
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It's not that hard. i like it.


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Demo Data


still improvable.
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Speedrun demo.

Mostly fbf'd.
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The -DONT JUDGE BY THUMBNAIL- thing is dumb. I love the thumbnail :).


i hope you dont mind but if you are the only person that submits a demo i might cancel the dedication and resubmit, but if you dont like that i wont. :)

nice demo by the way, even thought its fbf
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here is my demo

only look if you absolutely need to, try to find your own way first, then check.

i need demos people! lol
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Here is as far as i got by my fifth try.. i give up for now. I hate that part that i died on.. its too hard XD
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