Fall Damage

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Author exuberance
Tags author:exuberance bouncepad concept puzzle unrated
Created 2008-10-29
Last Modified 2008-10-29
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Description Yeah, I know it looks empty, quick, effortless, and the ultimate noob map, but once you play it, you'll get it. NEW CONCEPT.

The concept here is that instead of facing many trials to reach the switch, the exit switch is right there, beside the door, in reach, taunting you, but, tragically, there is no way for poor little Nin Ja to get it without falling to his death... unless you go to the real objective in the map: an ordinary slanted tile to free him from the terror of fall damage caused by magic springs that (as my grade 12 Physics teacher would say) redefine implausibility! That's the only way you can safely land. Then, and only then, can N reach his goal to dance in front of a pink box indefinitely!

The drones are actually well positioned to kill you in numerous attempts of spring traversing plans. It took me more than 10 tries to find a strategy that works.

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adding mines would just ruin the concept really. That really shouldn't be possible.


How could that happen? How could the horizontal velocity affect vertical velocity (without fluid dynamics)? That shouldn't be possible. Huh. Be interesting to see the source code there o.0

Solution to springs:
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pretty cheatable, but the concept is good.
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add mines?
Demo Data


Demo Data


Speedrun I guess. Still cheated though
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No rating yet. I'll rate it when I think of a rating.

I cheated

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that's pretty hard. i've only made it to the 2nd launch pad.
a demo would help.
3/5. it's not that bad