"Silence on a hill where the path ended"

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Tags action author:ndeavour forest leaves nnrpg rated whisper
Created 2008-12-15
Last Modified 2008-12-15
by 26 people.
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Description "and then the forest below,

moving in one long whisper,

as evening touched the leaves."

I havent made a map in what seems like a long time

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lol, don't worry about it, I just forgout how good of a mapmaker you are, faved
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Pretty generic, pretty fun.
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Is a bit... Difficult
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Hah! I just found this level again and decided to blow it up. I think I maxed it out. Hopefully someone will prove me wrong though.
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I just needed one less frame, but I couldn't get it. Level was short but fun to speedrun. 4 seems fair to me.
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4 of 6

The lake reminds me of something I made a while ago.
It feels like the gameplay doesn't do the tileset justice.
awesome though.

4.5 v

well said

and well mapped
I hate rocket maps, but this is quite good
it even rivals the rocket gym (one of the only rocket maps I like)

... OH! this is what got you the rocket badge. well played and I'm glad I didn't judge, because picking between that and this would have been hard >_>
the tree kind of reminds me of el pineo by riobe, but the inverse one in the tileset was much needed 4aved
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Not to say that this map was terrible it just shouldnt have won.
I am surprised that you have beaten three gyms in a row with maps like this. This one definitely should not have beaten lord_days map.
its is a 4/5 and favorite from me.
In my honest opinion, I find glitches overrated and would prefer not to have the trap door at the end. However, I personally can't see another way to keep the aesthetics and atmosphere with other methods.
Otherwise, I think the switch over the gauss is plain ugly. Just nitpicky things though that I probably don't know enough about to criticize.
which is why i think it won. Mine involved more, like, angular dodging (if that makes sense) which i think broke up any flow it might have had.


check your pm for data...tell me if you have suggestions

I thought you were

more mature than to go around advertising a map. If it's good, then it will get the views it deserves.
cool, just freaking awesome. did my software help or not?

i am

some how, i fluked another win, i went onto the forums and looked at my PM from pheidi, he said well done you won. I was astounded this map was pretty poor and yet i still won. IDK im not complaining


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your old account be_Nspired? just asking.


you win?

i think about 4.
Palantini made a joke once. He's still searching for the program that allows me to make such awesome tilesets. This program, sadly does not exist. As for the inversion, tile by tile.

Fastest AGD

Fun. 3.5^.
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when people are on, and when people arent, at 6.00 pm NZ time there are about 10 people on but at 10.00pm NZ time there is one person on (me). Therefore by waiting untill 6 I can always get a hit because people are on, just have a good tileset to draw people in and then bam their hooked (even if its not that good). Its a bit like catching fish i guess idk
As to why your maps get so much attention. Not being spiteful but thats pretty impressive.

im sry

this was a little too short i think, not much to do but the same thing over and over. kinda boring

All gold.

A little faster.
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No shortage of fun.

Just the right level of challenge. Thats what I like about your maps. They're not too hard but they're always fun. XD 5aved




First try AGD.

And you think you haven't made a map in a long time...
It's not bad, but I wish there was more to it.
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first try.
3.5 up
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this is what I meant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|5^336,456!0^402,426!0^390,438!0^390,438!0^378,450!0^366,456!0^354,462!0^318,462!0^306,456!0^294,450!0^282,438!0^270,426!10^336,384!9^336,396,0,0,19,16,1,0,0!9^336,384,1,1,21,16,0,0,0!7^528,432,3!0^618,432!0^606,438!0^594,444!0^582,444!0^570,444!0^558,444!0^546,438!0^534,432!10^588,396!11^456,396,588,408!12^672,408!12^696,384!12^720,336!7^408,420,3!7^372,420,3!7^336,420,3!7^300,420,3!7^264,420,3!7^564,432,3!7^600,432,3!7^636,432,3

hello, ndeavour anybody home? *look at last comment*

All right

I don't think the the tiles are pretty but the gameplay is very smooth, the trap door glitch is always classy, and the 'depth' is much appreciated. 4


awesome, would you mind if I miniaturized this as an example to my new N mapping topic, []?
I made a pretty good one.

a wee bit faster

much improvement possible methinks
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first try

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Except the pits were at the same level and were supervised by turrets instead of rockets. Really, it's so amazingly close it's not worth rating again. Do you know the map I speak of, is it yours?