Pathological 3 - Nefarious Circuitry

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Author chume14
Tags 3 author:chume14 drone pathological puzzle rated
Created 2009-07-04
Last Modified 2009-11-29
by 7 people.
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Description First map in a while since school blocked my internet access. Its a epic clever drone puzzle please read the instructions


1) It consists of six "rooms" each one containing circling drones.

2) Each room is linked to its agacent rooms via a system of one way tunnels. Where a tunnel enters a room it is marked by a normal door where it leaves it is not.

3) If you enter a room and it contains an anti-clockwize moving drone as well as the normal clockwise ones you should be killed.

4) To avoid this manipulate the configureation of which rooms the drones inhabit using your ability to let them through normal doors

5) If you go for the exit normally getting the key to do so should cause anti-clockwize drones to block of your path to the exit forever.

6) The point of the puzzle is to force you to use your ability to let drones through doors to rearrange the drones into a configureation that allows you to reach the door without being blocked off.

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are you on?

I am
tell me when I should push the button...


I really like your description, although in the end it's nearly repetitive, still very good
where should I add your name?
I'm of the opinion that more people will look at maps of yours rather than mine...
Maybe I'll add your username in tags, too.
I'll be around at 18 o'clock in Germany, right?


that's fine, we can post whenever you want, I'd suggest that you write the description first and then post it to me telling me day and time to submit, too, you can be online during the process of submitting ....and afterwards we'll be

I saw you wrote on

therealn forums (saw it in in my e-mails), but for my part the page was inaccessible today, perhaps it's better you tell me what so ever here this time...

I got some

tilesets for our collab now, actually 6, if you'd please tell me where to post (preferably the forums, but where?!), I'll immediately post them for you to sort out the ones you don't like, otherwise you also may post a tileset of yours...


you still didn't give me detailed feedback on my map-pack, as you promised here [], and did you take part in the poll?

are you

going to make another map soon it has been a while. :)

someone sniped it

and i figured i'd delist it before it fucked up my ratings D:

Was on vacation

The reason why I'm not subbing much here is because I'm busy with MoA :) A HUGE map pack done by more than 50 authors.

And about my profile, it stopped working about 2 years ago...
Asked for fixes a few times but nothing really changed, except that the error message isn't shown anymore :)
Got a new map subbed btw, a MoA reject.


you're back! Favorited for later reference: no time now to demo.


insanely clever. The level of skill needed for a full demo, though...Almost as long and difficult as that yahoozy map...
Fantastic concept, but too long and exhausting for me.
since nobodies given it a decent shot. If you do want to do it yourself don't watch this first otherwise marval at my smuggle
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very clever.


That's tough. Im not even going to post a demo, i didn't get very far! 8p


i just had a go at ur lvl it rocks!!! keep it up hope to see new lvls!
how to reach the exit key I have a whole demo but I don't want to post it yet to give people a chance to solve it themselves. This is a nice little challenge for those of you who don't have the time or ability to complete the whole thing I would love to see even partial demos
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