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Author player_03
Tags action author:player_03 dronemod nreality playable playermod rated
Created 2009-09-11
Last Modified 2009-09-12
by 9 people.
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Description Shut down the lasers, then proceed to the end. Alternatively, just proceed to the end and hope you don't get hit.

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Yeah, I guess you shouldn't.


okay i guess i shouldn't frame-by-frame that bit
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this thing is really fun
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speedish run
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save one stubborn nonconformist
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no member... so i can't post any things, or?

ok... thanks for that help - i understand now
but activating/deactivating these playermods would be cool :)
I'm currently watching that page, so if you leave a message in the discussion, I will respond.

Still, thanks for pointing out that mistake. I have corrected it.

hey dude

i have a question containing a area trigger mod

stress on ths part
Tis can apply to... and even Player Mods

how to do that? i want, for example, the ninja to be in size 5 after passing an area.
please pm to me and maybe you could edit the list []

You can also go around the level. (Of course, if you're going for a highscore, that isn't an option...)

My original intent was to require you to deactivate the lasers in order to go around, but it appears that neither is necessary.

I love this map

The game-play is really fun and the mods are well used. A nreality which isn't actually just about ideas but actually plays well is a rare thing. That's the main game-play though I didn't like the squeeze I wish the exit had just been in the middle of the map. Here's an ok agd I don't really have time now to high-score this but it's going in my favourites and I'll try to come back and beat your demo some time
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Here's my speedrun

WordBlamCreator: I don't think I'll be making more maps very soon; this was just an incomplete one that I decided to finish up. Unless, that is, I find another map that's near completion.
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...though there's a better way.

a bit slower

656 speed run

YAY! Your

making more maps! You make the best Nreality maps out there.


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amazing. great fun to fly around.
...though it probably ruined your demo. Sorry.

Slow AGD

Pretty fun map, the player mod felt good, but the lasers could be a bit tricky to get to fire.
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