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Author nemetacyst
Tags action author:nemetacyst minejumper mines rated
Created 2009-10-07
Last Modified 2009-10-07
by 21 people.
Map Data

Description Either the Ninja is tiny or the spider is huge, either way, you've got to get through the web and the only safe landings are the bugs that have already failed, and for some reason bleed gold.

Shouldn't be too difficult, there are a couple tricky parts, if you think it's easy go for All Gold: 2nd map back

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this wasnt difficult, just tedious. i dont think it lived up to snuff.
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So goddamn good.



Got him, although his frame count is still way cooler than mine
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Maybe I can beat romaniac
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The gameplay wasn't perfect, but it sure wasn't boring. 4
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That looks so cool.

A map of this style but with freedom of choice (i.e, not linear) would be sick. :O


awesome frame count. nice minejumper. very well made
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looks great

played above average too, 4/5

Death demo

AGD up to this point. Destiny got further, but I think I got there faster. Now I see why everybody was excited you came back. :D

Gonna get an AGD completion sometime here...
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it's a nice concept, but its execution was only average.
Nevertheless, slow cheated completion.
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i liked it, but it wasnt great. certainly not flawless like so many believe, especially the gold. but that said, i enjoyed the most of the jumps and was fun to speedrun. 3.5
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I rated a 2 (2.5 rounded down). I'm not saying I know better than the people rating, but you will notice that now the majority of people rate 5 or 0 because they don't care to think about what they say.
...and I thought I was gone, come to think of it.


Thats nice, however rating zero simply because you disagree with other people's ratings assumes that you know more about what they like and what makes a level good than they do. Seems arrogant to me.
so it came off as horribly mean. I think this is the average NUMA minejumper and therefore does not deserve the rating it has.

Minejumpers are the decorated trash made with the tiles we used to try and make something cooler. Except these tiles are ugly. And the gameplay is... not good :/

Really good

Awesome mine jumper...The only thing I would change is replacing the solid tiles with bounce blocks, demonstrating the springiness of a spider's web a little more...

I dunno, just a thought :P


Drones with Mines arent my thing but ill see what i can come up with...but time now
Mine jumpers arnt my cup of tea, but this looks great.
But try to make it alittle more together if you know what i mean. xD
This Wasnt my last map lol []


But i'd like to know a theme to style the tiles toward, two or three enemies and a basic usage idea or two would be nice.

Safe to say you've still got it. Best thumb I've seen in a long time.

um make some tiles.

i suck with tiles lol and submit it. and ill add things


Played it and love it 5aved.


just looks sick

Sure why not

Never actually done a collab...

Hey i Have an Idea.

Ill Make one more map for the hell of it. BUT You want to collab nemetacyst?


nice map man.

I'm not after glory

i'm just confused

Well Welcome Back.

Im Sorry if i Took your glory in any way

Im So Rusty -.-

i failed
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I decided to cheat, sorry :/
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Say What?

I'm Confused...
Hell, I've been gone longer than he's been here...
What's going on?
But this is one of my Best []
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so good you brought gods_reaper back to NUMA, I think we all owe you one
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Coming from me lol I bet you have no idea who i am. But i grade harsh on Minejumpers. 5/5

Great Job,
Gods Reaper

Nice Demo

and thanks for the good words. I like criticism too, though.