Cheatproof? Ha! Nothing is cheatproof!

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Author Meta_Ing
Tags author:meta_ing bwj featured simple-challenge simple-challenge-esque tough tro-and-meta unrated
Created 2010-04-27
Last Modified 2010-04-28
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Description simple-challenge-esque collab between me and TRO. He created the challenge. I created the aesthetics, he wanted me to sub, I subbed.

In this one, you'll get to go on a magical backwards walljumping journey and warp through the very fabric of time and space! some tiles! Yay fun!

This map was featured on 2011-06-27

In this map, you are Harry Houdini. You've just miraculously escaped a small box, suspended high above you in the air. The crowd is cheering, and overcome with euphoric joy, you gleefully rub your hands together. This is when you notice you've lost your wedding ring.


The only place it could possibly be is back in the box, thus, somehow you must ascend to the height of the cell, and whilst lingering in the air, manage to unescape into it to retrieve your ring, else Mrs. Houdini will have your balls.

So. Have at it, Houdini. — squibbles

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Tied {bleh}.

I think that's maxed haha.
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My first FBF.

Pretty genius thing right here. I would never be able to do this. Great work!
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Thanks everyone for playing. I am glad you guys like the map. Someone beat my record. There are plenty more frames left.

I am Cheatproof


I can only beat it in fbf... but what a pleasure first time :D
and great review + choice on map... well done squib :D


looks like Mrs. Houdini wins this round

couldn't agree more with this choice. Extremely well deserved feature, congrats Meta!


i was wondering when this would be featured. Congratz Meta. i still have to beat this. one of the few of ur maps i hvnt beat.
I must instead comment on the aesthetics.

The tileset is stunning.

I 'member this map

Twas fun.

dederp. i think i win. but i fbf'd this one :)
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I knew this would be featured, good fuckin' map.


A featured simple challenge. Who'd ever've guessed?

Thanks squibbles.

That'll do.


I renember this 1.


I want to stick approximately 50-100 words into it.



sirs, i propose that you suck it.

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Knew this was possible :D
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yeah *cough* *cough* totally

Hm. well

Pretty good. That was non-fbf I'm guessing..?


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Demo Data
<stonedeagle> I can NOT beat that one
<stonedeagle> lol
<stonedeagle> thats very different
<stonedeagle> i dont understand how you hit that jump so many times in a row
<Meta> just press jump really fast, and hope you get it
<Meta> you need jnnj or jhnj
<stonedeagle> Do i use right or left
<Meta> hold right the whole tim
<Meta> e
<stonedeagle> AH
<Meta> it was designed to be as easy as possible for this particular kind of challenge
<stonedeagle> LOL
<stonedeagle> its not easy hahahaha
<Meta> which was to get enough backwards walljumps to go through tiles


That is some crazy shit right there. I don't understand how you could do it w/o FBF.
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i got 0 jumps, and i probably will never reach 1.

And Maxed.
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Did I win then?
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why does this happen?
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I had to fbf it, I don't understand how you're able to do this
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this is a 5 worthy map, it's definitely flawless, great work!


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Changed slightly to ease up on a problem that only some will have known about. All jhnjs should now be possible, and all demos will still work. (It's actually slightly easier now)


not happening
Demo Data


Screwed up the end slightly.
Demo Data


Yeah I guess so MCKY