Port de Sur

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Author da_guru
Tags author:da_guru playable port rated retile rm1
Created 2010-06-27
Last Modified 2010-06-27
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description The golden glimmer of the setting sun over Port de Sur is reflected in a bright blue sapphire, locked in a harbour building. There are keys for the doors, but are the doors the key?


For retromorphosis. Credit to metanet for most of the object set.

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I'm not sure why did you credit metanet in this map. It doesn't seem like any metanet maps or my memory gets slow.

Demo Data


i always forget to rate for some reason XD


i love the gold.


the gold was pre-placed sooo <_<


we won^^
deutschlaaaand , deutschlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand ....

very amusing map

the funny thing is that you can see that it's a da_guru map xD
just look at the gold :]
thers something like a hidden flow inside i think
very good work man =]