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Author ska
Tags action author:ska metanet race rated thowback xaelar
Created 2011-02-24
Last Modified 2011-02-24
by 12 people.
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Description the map's title alludes to the style of the map which is a throwback to a more old school/racey/metanet vibe. get the gold, save the bitch. you know how it works. DEDICATED TO XAELAR because he is German and brings me much pleasure with his packa... uh demos..

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surprisingly tough to get sub800, i had to incorporate the subtle thwump push in the middle to achieve it
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open ended and semi flowy, this is the type of map i usually try and fail to make

:) Pity I see faces everywhere though- on the left it looks like a head shouting down at someone

First try AGD

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sorry for a stupid third comment, and I just got your pm, I was out all day, sorry I couldn't respond earlier, either.
but whatever, he hasn't shown up yet (or submitted a run to nreality).
but I just went through pony's maps and choose one I remember being tough:
It's simple and has a demo provided, but I can't remember any other maps I may have had in mind. [] It's also a resub, but no demos have been submitted on either map. Feel free to casually reject it.


I started playing this as an action map, but I quickly found the flow and checked the tags and saw that this was a race. I love how all this flows together, from start to the very abstract end. This is why I did this... so I can catch maps like these. I love this map, and the abstract race qualities in it. 5aved.


Thx for the dedication ;D
I really like the flow of this race. Nice map ska.
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Demo Data


by 12 frames :D

your turn!
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over a second faster.
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836 frames
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12 frames faster
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Refreshingly linear. First try AGD.
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She was ungrateful.


Funny. Liked how it flows.

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pretty good map

Pretty good to play, 4.5

I really like this.

Flows well.

1000 frame agd

yay me!
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Is also the name of a very long dda, describing its motion as always throwing back.

Anyways, nice map. Not sure about the old-style thing though.4.5v