Los Ageless

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Author anco
Tags 100 action author:anco rated
Created 2019-06-17
Last Modified 2019-06-17
by 5 people.
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Description Los Ageless

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poor agd

fun map
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these chasers are taking this map a level higher. great work

Great adventure!

Love every element, wish it had more attitude.
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I like it too! Chaingun is probably my favourite part. The different moments of gameplay all work really well individually, though maybe don't come together in the full gameplay of the map as cohesively as I'd like. Circling seeker drones help bind it though.
I don't think I'd have the confidence to make a map like this - the E-tiles look great, but I'd've almost definitely thrown in some 5-tiles and things and mucked up the simplicity haha.
Congrats on 100!! Looking forward to 101
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Good design

I agree with atob, everything is really tightly made and fits well.

This is nice

Good sense of adventure, each little challenge is tightly made, strong visual design.