Carbon Chains

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Author Lucidium
Tags action author:lucidium featured playable rated
Created 2005-05-23
by 48 people.
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Description A relatively simple, easy action map, compared to most of the stuff I do. I really like this tileset, and I think I've managed to make it flow quite well.
You can do some really speedy runs, and I think it should be possible to get under 1000 frames (I've managed 1027).
As usual, I'd love to see any demos you get.

This map was featured on 2009-12-28

This map has a bunch of fuzzy caterpillars in it. There's a big one, a small one, and one even about to evolve into a a Metapod.
As cute and friendly these creatures may seem, their nests are dangerous. Scientists have recently discovered that their breeding
grounds are magnets for gold, rockets, and chaingun drones. Go ahead - ravage through their home, create some ruckus, and get out. You just gotta love that ninja life. — T3chno

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nice dodge near the end, too

hmm... gets better with more playing
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not really feeling this map. I feel a laser drone would have been better than a chain-gun.

excellent map...

What a cool tileset ! wow...

love it


I liked it :)

Sorry, gentlemen.

<Techno> word wrap in notepad screwed up the formatting


This map is simply fantastic. I love it!


i require help on my levels and seeing as u are good at level makin i thought u would be a good person to ask so please look at my levels, try em out and rate and tell me how to improve.

I done it. ;-)

I didn't find this map particularly easy actually... however after a while I was able to beat it...
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LOVE THE TILESET...awesome. fav'd. wait faved. Favourited. Whatever.

This map is great!

Really a favourite.
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Tileset - lovely
Gameplay - not so.
I face the same conundrum I had with "perspective."
I do believe, however, that it's a four.


extremely interesting lay out. i like it.


yeah, with a little refining this could definately be brought below 1000. It was very fun making this run though!
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this comment is coming a little late in the game. Basically what everybody else said. it was fun. The tileset looks really nice and adds a bit of an interesting challenge.

I HATE YUO!!!~!~

I am always trying to think of original, beautiful tile arrangements that haven't been done before. And then you come along with THIS! HEH!!

Seriously, that's amazing. 4.5 rounded up to 12 and a half.

it gets a 5

for the tileset alone. the gameplay however, suffers because of the layout... but it's too great a design for anything lower.
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That tileset is just fantastic. Unfortuately it's pretty hard to maneuver on, but 5 ninjas nonetheless.


My comment is INSERTED in between comments?

Fantastic tileset

Really, I don't see what the problem is. The tileset is just great, and the gameplay is awesome. The level is challenging, but it's more than possible. I definitely think this is a piece of quality Lucidium work. 5/5.
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I'm torn...

the tileset deserves a 5. The sorta minimalistic enemy placement is great, and well thought out. The fun, however, of the tileset really drags this down to a 4.5 for me....
Argh. 4 or 5? Oh, I guess I'll give it a 5.


Yeah this looks fantastic. Ive been looking at making an awesome new tileset, but this. . .. :-O
anyway. .. . Pixleman responded to tktktk yet his \'response\' is down the page from tktktk\'s.
This character is extremely dubious.

tktktk too.

I can\'t beat it but I agree totally.