Naughts and Crosses (Incomplete 2)

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Author chume14
Tags author:chume14 chume crosses incomplete naughts puzzle rated
Created 2009-01-11
Last Modified 2009-01-11
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description Warning! read before playing. This map is an incomplete project I've been working on over the last couple of days. The next version will be complete. How to play
1) The AI (Crosses) is to play first move right to generate its first move.
2) Once the AI has played decide which square you (Naughts) want to go in and see the number of mines below it.
3) Travel down the tunnel which has this number in gold at the top collecting all possible keys in it. 4) This will place your move and generate the AIs next move.
5) Follow the tunnel and repeat the process of choosing your move.
6) If the computer beats you at naughts and crosses you should be killed else you should make to the door.
This only plays for the first 6 moves its taking quite a long time and loads slow. However it is one of the most advance logic concept maps ever built on N and responses to my first incomplete submission indicate that it is worth finishing. It would help me if you could inform me about any bugs.

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It should

complete its 3rd move including the first move right at the start however this version is an incomplete version I just posted for some feed back so it only plays 6 moves (3 AI moves including first) see description I have now finished the 7th move and am going to post the complete game when I have finished all 9. In future make sure you read descriptions when you have a question especially when they say "Warning! read before playing" at the start.


why does the AI not complete its 3rd move?
but tbh, even if there was one, people would still play the map for the game part, and most wouldnt care about being able to cheat it. At least i wudnt

No bugs

or 1 ways you can go back through or anything ?
but this has so much unnecessary gold that my PC just can't hack it.


and im in New Jersey =D

ha ha

Always thought that was a bit strange but that maybe it meant 5/5 and saved or some such right didn't get that sorry still haven't learned some of the n vocab should look at that forum article again =)
and yea, ive always heard it called tic tac toe, and have NEVER heard it called tis naught thing =]


Hoohah thats like all I've ever heard it called except tic tac toe where do you live and what do they call it there also probs don't save this version cause it's not complete but its up to you

Great so far!

I can't wait to see this completed.

very cool

but ive never heard it called naughts and crosses before

but both got sniped :/ Actually, every map of mine has been sniped at least once; starting from my next map I'm disabling ratings, because people leave them in comments anyway.


including this project

I think

I will delist them though otherwise on my recent maps thing all it will show is 3 of the same map and also I like to earn good ratings. Also worry about the histogram to much and you will never do anything revolutionary not saying that you do though I'd be very happy if the final version got 5 I think I've only got one 5 map
But I wouldn't if I were you; these two maps will make your histogram look better :P


yeah be sure to check out the finished version I will delist these once I've done it cause it will be much better when complete this is still very easy to survive
Really cool, be sure to post on my map telling me when you've made the finished version because I want to see it ^_^