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Tags action adventure author:zthing featured icefall khumbu rated zmap
Created 2011-03-08
Last Modified 2011-03-08
by 46 people.
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Description Imagine that you were frozen here. A sudden jolt, an earthquake or an explosion maybe, released you from your icy prison. But now the icefall is collapsing around you. You and all the debris are falling straight down from 8000 meters. There's a strange door hanging on top of one of the seracs way above you, and a key, hopefully the key to that door, nearby. Maybe it's a way out. Do you go for it? Or do you collect some of that sweet gold elixir that got shook loose before scaling the collapsing icefall? Only a ninja could make this decision.

This map was featured on 2014-12-28

200 feet remaining. After what felt like ages of climbing you are about to reach the Roof of the World. You can’t wait to enjoy the breathtaking scenery that is sure to await you. 100 feet remaining. Excitement courses through your body. 50 feet remaining. As you climb up a mountain ledge, you spot something. Whatever it is, it stands between you and the peak. You know that a wrong step could mean your death, but your agitation is stronger than your sense of self-preservation. Throwing caution to the wind, you begin your final ascent. — macrohenry

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Great atmosphere, too.

"woah, i got the fastest demo and i wasn't really trying"

*realizes that all the other demos are AGDs*
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miss ya zthing

I think this is really beautiful (nice chunky crystal like tiles laid out expertly). Gameplay good too -those big jumps are not 'easy/dull'. I thought the roof mines in the exit button chamber were decorative but then the first one killed me -felt kinda silly :)

good one

really good


thought I was the only one who remembered this guy!
agd (0.525 faster than macrohenry by using an innovation at the beginning.)
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Demo Data

And here's my AGD

Spent quite some time on it.
Demo Data

Love this map.

AGD below. Actually not that bad a run.

Oh, and cool feature too. :P
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Damn, snipers!
The map is really good. Flowy gameplay, effective chaingun, fun to get golds.

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Somebody loves you.

A lot.


i got the sniped

your comment made me laugh


it's a damn good thing I'm a ninja then. I like the false simplicity to it, I played recklessly because it looked easy but found myself dying quickly (very...quickly...)

Then I tried imagining that I was falling from 8000 meters, and I freaked out and quit.

So basically a 5.
it realy seems like id jump through an ice-cave


Nice Everest reference. Decent and fun map.
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The map is only outdone by the introduction. xD


But awesome. 4.
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People who stop playing other games because of minecraft... But sooner or later it's going to become too corporately active and fall into a pit of updating desparity.

kind of episodic
that kept haunting me until I submitted it. Just had to get the idea out. It's still not at 100%, but I liked how the cg functioned as well. I wanted to the bottom to feel like a void, or some place that you wouldn't want to spend too much time, at the very least. And don't worry bout the playtesting. Next time ;)


the enemies do a pretty decent job here, especially the chaingun. the bottom section still feels and looks a little bland, though.
some minor nitpicks but nothing worth noting. 4.5^/5

oh damn

I should've playtested this one, right? :( sorry man, totally forgot about that.