A Christmas Concept Contest.

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Author NachoCheese
Tags author:nachocheese christmascon rated
Created 2011-12-19
Last Modified 2011-12-19
by 7 people.
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Description Please read, I want to get as many participants as possible.

Hey everybody. Nacho here. So, as NUMAcon doesn't really seem to be happening, probably because NUMA's been on the fritz, I thought I should take the initiative to hold my own contest, a Christmascon, of sorts. So who's keen?

The theme of this contest is concepts. You must create a map that implements a concept one would not see while playing your typical 10 columns of N. We're talking teleporters. We're talking thwump squeezes. We're even talking your ol fashioned "jump through the upside down oneway", if you think you can make a map of it.

But what would a Christmascon be without a bit of a Christmas theme? Bonus points will be awarded for the Christmassyness of your creation, even if that means you share what Christmas means for you or some such thing in the description.

Tag your map with christmascon. NReality allowed, of course. Contest ends New Years. Prizes include rates, comments, I'll write a review, advertising, but allocation of such prizes is TBD.

Currently this is a one man band, but if you can help, please do. If you can make banners for winners, tell me. If you want to judge, give me a heads up. And please, rate this map up to raise awareness and someone share it on the IRC. Any questions feel free to ask.

And as always, have fun everyone! :D

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I will judge mate if you need one.
'I await *bzz Your-your-your-your-your-you-"
"Hey man, he's broken."
"Check his voice box."
"OH, here we go."
"your response."


I'll see if I can figure out some cool concept. If I do, I'll make a map.
I made my Christmas map this morning, but cos it uses the concept of secret exits (I think that's a concept), I'll submit it for the heck of it. I don't expect to win, but hey, it's Christmas!

Really nice to see you're trying to help keep this community strong :)
Says it up in the description somewhere, buried in mounds of text. :P
I'm happy for you to judge guys, I just want more people to join first so we aren't judging one map. I'm sure you don't mind me having you as contestants for now. Also, Zoas, show me what you've done before. :)

i'm in

i suppose. how about putting special tag in maps for contest? like nachoxmas or something


Well, maybe not good enough to be an also, but just a... thing

I have messed around with the userbar thing a few times, & i can honestly say this
is my best one

Haha zoas

Your almost robot like

I want to be judge of this.
And I can make some cool userbar for the winners.
I await your response.

Collabs are fine.

But prize splitting might be hard. And no, but I probably will.
just in general

If i have to choose, i probably wouldn't be a very good mapper for this anyway, so i'll be a judge, but you have inspired me to make a map anyway

Also, have you made a forum topic for this? I checked contests & tournaments
Thanks, and sure, but I'm pretty useless when it comes to getting round to collabs.

Demo Data

Hey man

I'll tell IRC & i'd love to help be a judge & anything

Can i still be a participant?

& can we do colabs?
I didn't read the competition but, I'M IN!

I'll read it now

42 is also my favorite number