The Nacho Arcade.

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Author NachoCheese
Tags arcade author:nachocheese featured nreality rated
Created 2012-01-03
Last Modified 2012-01-03
by 16 people.
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Description /NReality/
Just play it! :)

Before I talk about this pretty awesome in my opinion map, I want to announce the winners of christmascon.

1st place, AMomentLikeThis, winning a humble bundle [] and some rates eventually.
2nd equal, Conen__TG_ and miststalker06 winning advertising and rates eventually.
3rd place, BluePretzel winning rates. Eventually.

I'm submitting this rather hurriedly, so I'll deal with specifics tomorrow, but I just wanted to inform everyone.

Now about the map (don't worry, just a few words). I've seen the pick your own challenge thing done heaps of times but never with a lot of polish. I think this fits the bill. No real glitches as such, just a couple of bugs with the fourth challenge on some occasions, and a bit of lag. If you have issues please do inform me. But it should be good. Stop reading this. Go play.

Have fun everyone! :D

This map was featured on 2015-03-08

Hey, you guys know that ninja game at Nacho Arcade!?
Ugh, here we go again.
Well, I’m gonna be the first to beat it!
Isn’t it really hard?
Right. Josh, pro gamer, I can see it now.
Hey, I almost beat the first column! And Jake’s gotten further! He says later on, the levels change and there’s big arenas where you can pick who to fight, and there’s super-fast laser robots and hoard mode and all this other stuff!
Dude, Josh, it’s your turn. Go.
Okay okay. But I *am* gonna beat that ninja game! You just wait.Nexx

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Main reason why Nacho will always be one of my favorite authors. Glad to see this on the front page - it deserves it.

This is brilliant.

5aved. I'd give this 10/5 if I could.

ultra-hard mode

drones + time attack B)

faved because this has unbelievable replay value
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whoops, second perk is much faster
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also, this map is incredible, but that goes without saying
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higher score than either of the other demos due to not using time attack
Demo Data
This map is an NReality achievement. Anyone who’s messed around with NReality modding knows it’s no easy task to begin with, and then this map goes way beyond that, incorporating a lot of NReality mechanics in a thought out and well-constructed package. The only thing I can fault this map on is that I think it would’ve been more interesting if each individual challenge was easier so that you could do combinations of them. But as it stands, I had good fun beating the individual challenges while switching up my perks.


buahahaha I beat misty! have a dronie vote :D great map. must have taken quite a bit of time.
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I wish I had picked this for 2012 dronies
I mean, holy shit, man. Holy shit.
:D :D :D :D

This is amazing.

Nreality is beautiful. 5aved.

Ha ha,

I loved you comparing my map to a sandwich. Sandwiches are nice.

This is expertly done, I wouldn't have known where to start!
I would love to see someone actually manage to complete it with all challenges (well, maybe not time attack).

I didn't

look at the map. I don't know you. Your name is delicious. I like nachos and cheese.


Cool concept. :D AGD with the gold perk and no enemies (two lasers).
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Here you go

I really liked being able to choose not only one but two options, resulting in 20 possible ways to play this map. Great entertainment! Pretty hard challenges, though.
So disappointed, considering the effort.