60-0: The Last Bean It Is A Bigger Bean

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe rated uap zoassuperstructuressuperstructuressuperstructures
Created 2012-12-11
Last Modified 2012-12-12
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description This new Column, Superstructures, should mandatory begin with a Ded Map for EddyMataGallos.
He was the guy who took all the Beans in the previous Column.
Several ways to reach your goal, all depends in your skills.

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but that bean was massive!!! :D


es para 02-2

Hola Zoas

quieres hacer una mapa? tengo los "tiles"


very nice

it kinda reminds me of level 85-0. i like the different routes. im really looking forward to this column:)

Si, la suelo visitar a diario muchas veces jaja, además mando mis scores todo el rato, por eso lo noté muy rápido.

Sí, el servidor de NReality está caido desde hace unos 3 dias para mi tambien.
Especially that corner kick in the top 2tile spike, cool.
Si, el dominio de los foros es .es, supongo que sería más barato.. :P

Por cierto, no me habia dado cuenta de que el nuevo foro esta en España!

Sub-400 AGD

Bean collected, and thanks a lot for the ded! =D I really enjoyed this map, lots of possibilities ;)
Demo Data

more zoas episodes!



Will play later. m