Naughts and Crosses (Incomplete)

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Author chume14
Tags author:chume14 chume crosses incomplete naughts puzzle rated
Created 2009-01-10
Last Modified 2009-01-10
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description Warning! read this before playing. This map is an incomplete project I've been working on over the last couple of days and I want your opinion comment on wether its worth finishishing it. The game consists of a standard naughts and crosses board in which you play and strategically perfect opponent and try to draw

How to play
The computer (crosses) goes first and then its your (naughts) turn each space on the board has and number 1-9 next to it which corresponds to a numbered tunnel, travel down that tunnel collecting the keys to place your move and generate the computers next move.

This only plays for the first 5 moves its taking quite a long time and loads slow (don't play if you can't deal with this). However it is one of the most advance logic concept maps ever built on N is it worth finishing. =)

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you should finish this, fun:D 4/5


Love the AI, it plays like I do.

lol sorry

I was a bit vague earlier, I was in a rush. Okay, I get what to do, but I don't know the rules very well, looks like you spent a great deal of time on this too 0_0 definately you should finish it, I'm sure the game is easier than what I did, I tried it again and I sort-of get it, its like any game, you get better after playing it a while. complete it, it will be great once it's done.


i won.
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that must have taken a while


finish it for sure : P

O thanks

I'm glad I though maybe people wouldn't like it wasn't even sure I was going to finish it good responses though so I will


If there was a 6/5 you got it...


This a good map 5/5

Wow great work

this could win a dronie

So you think its

worth completing also read the description carefully for instructions and I'll try to update it to explain it better. Also try a couple of different routes its very easy to finish just now but that should show you how it works
but finish it, it looks like fun, put the games complete directions once it's completed, 5/5