The crazy miner

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Author formica
Tags author:formica bitesized featured playable race rated v1.4b
Created 2005-05-01
Last Modified 2010-05-18
by 545 people.
Map Data

Description Find the inferior sequel here!

This map was featured on 2011-08-18

It's about time! Behold, Crazy Miner. This map has done more for the shaping of mapmaking than most authors accomplish in their entire career. No mean feat for formica, though; he was a pioneer of the highest order.
Like all races, Crazy Miner is retro-fitted to be fast. Precision features heavily. One thing that you may not notice is the gold placement, which is wonderfully old-school. This stuff was revolutionary.
Barebones aside, Crazy Miner, and more importantly, formica, acted as a seed for all mappers who came after to build upon and grow. I have definitely been inspired by him.

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squibbs I love you.

Also, flag. []

It was the second Google result. :/

Yes it is.

"If I'm going to get flak" is not a sentence. It's a dependent clause and oh my science we are having a grammar argument on the internet.
also I hate puppies and sunshine.

atob has spoken.

Y'all can chill the fuck out now, capiche?
A few things:

- It's JUST a review that sits on the front page for a few hours. It'll be gone soon, it's not worth getting upset about.

- Some people won't be aware of even the most famous of maps, so to someone this will be new. And even if they played it in userlevels they might not have had the opportunity to check out formica's archive and this would remind them.

- It will no doubt cause people to have a good search of the maps around the era this was released which could dredge up some hidden gems for those who weren't about.

- It's reviewer discretion. If we have to put up with the majority of reviewers highlighting absolutely mediocre maps on a daily basis then we should have to put up with this too.

Carry on, gentlemen!
No... it isn't.

Anyway, I don't agree with everyone else, The Crazy Miner is in the default userlevels. I'd wager that very few people come to numa before playing most of those maps.

If we are to start featured ubiquitous old maps, I'd rather we saw 'Contraction' or 'Aspire' on the front page.

agreed with

- conen
- mahi
- blackson
- lukesv
- ska
- lsudny



Now is the winter of NUMA's discontent methinks... Features should be made of sterner stuff.

just attempted to feature mti but i can't find it :/

I agree

with everyone that said this shouldn't be featured.

Agree with blackson

Why is it so rare for old members to understand that new members don't have exposure to old things?

come on irc and say it to my FACE


i find your feeble attempt at humor annoying
however I agree with it being featured on the same grounds as blackson.

tl;dr I agree with mahi for the first and probably only time in my entire life.


Seeing this featured is absolutely goddamn hilarious to me in the worst possible way. You see, I remember back when features were a new, fresh thing that people liked and cared about, this map, this map right here, was the explicit example given, in statement after statement, of a map not to feature. This one. Time and time again, I heard some variation on, "The crazy miner is exactly the sort of map that shouldn't be featured. Don't do it. Feature anything, so long as it isn't The crazy miner. Except MTI. Don't feature MTI either, 'kay guys?". And yet here we are. That says something. I'm not sure what, but definitely something.

"formica, acted as a seed for all mappers who came after to build upon and grow"

What a completely true thing to say man I have to find something wrong about that so I can be cooler than everyone else hmm it sounds like formica ejaculated all over us and we conceived does that count hmm i don't know but i'm going to post it anyway.


I can't believe you did it.

The only things left virgin are MD and Dragon Step 04.

Fair enough.

"If I'm going to get flak I sure as heck don't want anyone else escaping."

Comma after "flak." That's a dependent clause. :3
for this vintage masterpiece
The fuss you kicked up about that comma still rankles with me, and therefore I want you to continue on a pernickety quest until not a single grammatical stone has been left unturned. If I'm going to get flak I sure as heck don't want anyone else escaping.
I'm trying not to let those tiny things bother me anymore.

whats a semicolen?

is it this; ; ?


It's just, I can remember you pulling up my reviews for a single misplaced comma, whereas this guys gone and abused a semicolon with impunity.
thats why i got into mapping. approve completely

<Rozer> rose, liking a review....
<Rozer> o.0

Damn, I didn't know I was viewed as that critical.
Regardless, this is one of the best reviews I've seen.


for someone who has always been hypercritical of reviews in the past your assertion that this review is wonderful and part of "one of the best map/review combinations in the site's history" is, frankly, astonishing.
While this map has been championed by anyone who visited before newma, the redesign and the removal of the top rated page saw this gem get covered only to be found by those who knew of its existence. Newer mappers could benefit quite a bit from playing this and it isn't safe to assume they've already seen it. This maps deserves the attention of the newer mappers (or is it the other way around)?
Time to go down memory lane...

Yes, I have

It only works when I load the map, and than complete it again.
Does that mean that I have to complete all of my maps again??
I really donĀ“t wanna complete all of my 1080 Userlevels again...


Have you logged in on the configuration section?

p.s. you need a map so people can respond to such questions.
because everybody knows it and has probably played it before even coming to this site lol. That being said, I much enjoyed the review.