Cold Water Music

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Author chume14
Tags action author:chume14 chume cold puzzle rated thwump
Created 2009-08-18
Last Modified 2009-08-20
by 16 people.
Map Data

Description fun puzzley-action map uses only 2, 6 and E tiles

theres loads of different routes just play around with it demos please

ded to miststalker06 cause he has been really nice and encouraging to me recently

no. 40

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actually there are just 2 untated maps of you
nevermind - i will play a few/many of your maps on monday

you are one of the greatest authors on NUMA i did not collab with yet, shell we change this?
maybe we could set text drone into better use and make a real epic map - a puzzle with text or a 2 hour map
last one was a joke xD

official this was a ask for a collab

great map

good gameplay it frustrated me though. i will push your ratings up if you push mine up im stuck on 185.

i posted

a demo of the corner jump i was talking about on my most recent map


Check out my new maps m8! <3

That's nice...^^

Thank you, but no, don't send it to me... In your .sol-file is also your username & password and all that stuff, so it wouldn't be a good idea :/...

I made a back-up, too, but that was in May 25th when I downloaded NReality... I was a noob back then and finished only the easy levels... It's so frustrating to see these noob-runs of mine in the background of the main menu q.q...

But yeah, thanks, though and... woot, this map has over 50 comments O.o

im thinking

bout quiting not getting enough rating and i aint gd enough :(

Could you make a collab map with me someday?


I made two new maps. Find them here. []

Your ded

for the longest time on that survival: []


just send a PM in the forum or a mail to when you are free for the collab or editting

if you want to join my contest round two is up so it is race theme. anyone can join

hey man

that edit of my triroom you gave me was better than the original...thanks for your help. :D

we should collab sometime

fun map btw

4 from me


sorry about not making my move...I was at my cousins house for a little explanation on how to some homework of mine at the time and I only came back around 10pm(here)

1) Why start a countdown when theres few maps to go? It's better this way.

2) I have a personal sniper. ;-;


Oops sorry

Added you in description

Hi again

I made a map. Click []
so i can't give you the ded sorry

How's the match with IAU going?
Come on the IRC sometimes, we have our room #chess.

Oh i fixed "Who's laughing?". Now it's not cheatable anymore. And thanks for the code-editing tip.

Check this [] out. It's pretty cool.

I guess you like my maps, so here's [] my latest.


the url is on the map, we're making mini versions of all the nv1.4 maps.

hey do you want to join my contest

wow harsh words on my map jeez


Here's [] my latest map. It's a ded to you because you're so awesome. Not only as a mapmaker.
I'll keep making good maps :3


The oneways suck, otherwise lots of fun.


I'm so delighted to hear of you...
well the one you chose was also one of my favourites, I already tried myself on it , but came to no satisfying result...
how should we manage chatting them? I'd like to suggest a concrete date and time, so I can plan my daily duties better...?!
while i was waiting to be challenged, the stinking internet connection went off. you see, the these days, the internet connection just goes on and off in may house.
ok i'm sorry
howz abt we just say that you getting tired of gettin the match postponed

what's up?

have you finished your evaluation of the blank tilesets?
if it's inconvenient for you to collab at the moment, we can also do it a bit later...
...the only thing I'd like you to do now is to answer at least some of my questions...please


don't blame me!
blame the stinking connection problems


Very good use of thwumps
Demo Data

hey man

what the heck happened?
one minute we were playing, and then u suddenly got offline
were u having connection problems as well?

AGD death

absolutely gutted I was trying to do this for so long.
Demo Data

wow awesome

very difficult, even though i know what to do.
5aved, even though i aved it already. ill definetly play this again sometime.

my insane demo.
Demo Data

Very cool,

Chume. I'll be looking forward to the next map! ^^
That one-way wall should've never been made, though.
Demo Data


im getting backt o you late... i do have a forums account now

agree with

randomdigits 1st comment, I couldn't do it as well due to lack of time, accuracy and ideas...
still good 3.5/5^